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About Us

About Us

Hong Kong Institute of Business Administration was established in Hong Kong in 1997 to enable people in business to have the opportunity for official individual recognition of professional attainment and to network with other business practitioners in different countries.


About Us

The Institute is a registered professional body, recognised as such by the appropriate authorities and established with objects which may be summarised as follows:

(1) To increase, through education, training and the dissemination of the relevant management information, the knowledge and ability of those engaged in business administration.

(2) To provide a system of education, to issue certificates of proficiency and to maintain and advance the status and interests of the profession.

(3) To accord and recognise through the award of membership, the work, standing, ability and experience of those involved in the various multi-disciplines of business administration.

The Institute is a professional organisation limited by guarantee and register charity, and its activities are supervised by a Council and various Committees whose members are elected from the body of the membership. The funds are used for the furtherance of the Institute’s educational objectives and for the general welfare of the membership.

HKIBA is qualifying and membership body with members throughout the Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China and the Far East where we have agents.

The Mission

  • To promote professional standards of administration in small and medium sized businesses through professional qualification by providing access to quality tuition and training.

  • To raise the profile of administration as a key function in all business activity to the credit of the Institute and benefit of our qualified members.

  • HKIBA is committed to working with organizations representing the interests of small and medium business and with training bodies and agencies who share our aims.

The Reasons

We at HKIBA believe that knowledge and expertise in administration rank alongside entrepreneurial skills in good business practice. Small / medium size businesses are important, they are the heart of every industrial nation and the need for their role cannot be overstated.

Efficient administration is a key factor for success in all organizations and having people with wide ranging skills contributes to their success. Employing people represents a substantial proportion of costs and business that have well trained, qualified staff are those which are the best equipped for stability and adaptability.

Business Training for Business Needs
Quality training in business skills provides business and people with the foundations for future success and the ability to exploit potential growth. HKIBA programs are designed to equip people with these necessary skills.

The syllabus for each programme is designed to identify and cover the essential skill that small and medium sized businesses need in a straight-forward, no-nonsense way.

Entrepreneurs, owners, managers and employees will easily identify with the skills incorporated in each programme and recognize their everyday practical applications to real business situations.

Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is the official training arm of the Hong Kong Institute of Business Administration. It aims to upgrade the professionalism, service and productivity of the business administration knowledge. It also provides training for members and actively promotes and provide business administration course in Hong Kong.