International Bible Academy


● International Bible Academy is an Independent Apostolic Institute for Spiritual development, Ministerial Training, and Certifications.

● The IBA came not by the will of man, but Dr.Murphy Akrasi, through Angelic Visitations in 2011 was commissioned to train men/ women: for the work of the ministry, and the perfection of the saints.

● Our mandate basically is Training of Believers to earnestly contend with the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Jude vs3

●Powered by the Holy Spirit, the International Bible Academy is operating on the highest dimensions of: Truth, Holiness, Divine Wisdom, and the Supernatural.

● Our students and members are drilled with the best standards of Spiritual Education, Pure inspirations, and pragmatic encounters with the Word of God.

● International Bible Academy is a ‘Mount of Transfiguration’ in the Body of Christ. No one has escaped the extraordinary power of transforming grace that is at work in IBA.

● IBA is approved by the State of New York USA, as an Accreditation Board for Spiritual Education and Certifications at all levels.

● We are 100% Biblical
We are Pentecostal
We are Evangelical
We are Charismatic
We are fundamental
We are Holiness Band
We are Christlike
We are Blessed Band

● Today, join the blessed army of men and women, young and old, who are ready to let their lives count for eternity. People who will earnestly contend for the True Gospel that was once delivered to the saints.

You are welcome.
Dr.Murphy Akrasi, DD, PhD