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Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

Programme Objectives

  • Discover and apply advanced research methods and inter-disciplinary knowledge to address complex problems of modern business.

  • Demonstrate independent and critical thinking ability and appreciate the ethical issues and concerns relevant to the discipline.

  • Generate new and readily applicable knowledge in a chosen area of business typically relevant to their host organisations and their own career objectives, leading to an improved understanding of how to lead and manage an organisation effectively in a global and rapidly changing environment.



Graduates of IBA qualifications are eligible to claim the maximum allowance of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for the comparable Qualifi qualifications.  As a top recognised UK awarding organisation, regulated by Ofqual, Qualifi is able to give assurances to employers, centres and learners of consistent, rigorous, quality standards and valid, valued learning. Qualifi is UK’s most international awarding body.

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